Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Sometimes you start building up momentum and get wound up so tight...that any good news gives you relief!
Today I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief for some health problems in a loved one that have all but seemed to vanish. We'll find out for sure a week from Thursday.
I'm still holding my breath for a million other things. Some problems that I can't even imagine ever getting resolved. But the truth is, most things usually seem quite futile to me and still they have a way of working themselves out.
Besides, you have to put your problems in perspective. From the world's point of view, just how important is your selfishly small and silly personal problem in the whole scheme of things. We must balance our convictions apriopriately, scale back our dillemas to their proper size, and try to view matters from an objective angle. Not observe it from below, as we're being crushed by the weight of its menacing possiblities. This removes our ability to judge with impartiality. It's like my wife always says: "You should never go shopping for groceries on an empty stomach." It's true. Everything looks good and seems necessary. Our hunger is telling us so. The truth though, is that we're giving our stomach an unfair advantage over our brain when trying to make wise choices according to our actual needs and budget.
Anyway, it all comes down to the obvious and overstated, but painfully true: At least you've got your health. Hell, when it comes down to it that's all that really counts.

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