Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

What a sweet sensation Christmas brings!
There is a feeling, scent and sound that surrounds you in the city during the holidays. Not during work hours necessarily, but afterwards, at night. As you make your way through overly trafficked streets, finding people's driving even more aggravating than usual, there's a particular feeling of Christmas.
I can't quite explain it, this feeling. It's not the smell of cinnamon in the air or the sound of Christmas carols. It's more akin to the briskness in our moves as we make our way through crowded shopping malls trying to find thoughtful gifts in the blink of an eye, and in the subconscious sensation that an impending source of joy awaits us.
When we were children it was so cut and dry. We'd count the days until Christmas. The holidays meant new toys and clothes, and time away from school.
The joy the Christmas holiday brings to us as we get older is much more subdued. As a rule, the head of household tends to view it from afar with a touch of disdain. More than anything else it signifies an additional expense; a drain on our pocketbook. But, I must confess, as the day draws near and after we've gotten used to seeing the tree and decorations our wives put up (and the outdoor lights they made us hang), we start looking forward to seeing the smile on our children's faces, the glow in our loved one's eyes as they open each becomes once again, truly a time for celebration. A celebration of love and family.

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