Saturday, March 06, 2004


What's in a smile?
Something so powerful that it has the ability to dissipate your worries and help you forget all your troubles.
A smile from a child or a pretty girl can take you away from your bad mood and send you reeling to a calmer, gentler place where kindness is the norm, rather than the exception.
A smile from a loved one helps you believe that your existence is pleasant to them; that your efforts in making their life better are in some way succeeding. In an instant a smile from your spouse can make all your struggles and all the hard work we put into a relationship seem worthwhile. Sometimes just that smile is enough reward for our love.
A smile from a stranger takes you aback and makes you suspicious of their intent. You wonder why anybody would simply smile your way, for no apparent reason.
Yet there are days when we're subconsciously happy ourselves. For no particular reason at all, or when something good has happened: we're in love, or we just got a raise, or our children were born. Take your pick. Weren't we smiling fools on those days? Didn't we feel on those days like the world was a better place and life was worth living?
I'd like to know what the trick is to feeling that way on a daily basis. To not letting the minor things in life like money, traffic and the weather control our moods. I'm certain there must be a way to do it without having to romance Prozac or one of her cousins.

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