Wednesday, July 14, 2004

TV or not TV...aye, there's the rub!

Man, it's hard to turn away from it, isn't it? That damn box that seems to suck your brains out and paralyze you before it. There may be nothing on, but still you persist, changing channels over and over trying to find something, anything that will entertain you; help you kill some more time. I swear, the informative aspect of TV constitutes a generously stated 10 percent of the total use I give it. That's sad.

I recall in my younger years when I was in college and full of spunk, yearning to make a life for myself that was built on art and culture. I used to consider TV a detriment to my purpose in life. Back then I allowed myself to watch TV with only the agenda of catching movies or educational programming. Maybe the news, and occasionally Dave Letterman after work to unwind (back when he came on after Carson, at half past midnight). But I eventually began to stay tuned for Cheers and Taxi reruns, and I started to get to know their characters. Then I found myself seeking those and other sitcoms out.

When I got married I got a lot more involved in following pro sports. The truth is, a man has to have some kind of release to survive marriage. Watching sports is the healthiest way for men to vent anger and suffer violence without hurting anyone. But the main thing men get out of it, when they've been married for a few years and the initial throes of passion have begun to subside, as they ease into a higher level of comfort with their spouse and they no longer have sex every 4 hours, professional sports give men an outlet through which they can experience the passion that is suddenly missing from their lives. Sure it's a poor substitute, but at least if keeps us faithful to our women (unless they consider that idolizing a quarterback who can throw a touchdown pass with a broken finger is grounds for jealousy!)and home with our families.

I can't knock sports. But I do hate myself for having to stay glued to the TV during the NBA draft, waiting to what every team in the league's choice will be. It's pathetic, and I wish I could pull myself away and do something more constructive with my time.

So here I am. As a long time Lakers' fan I'm devastated to see Shaq leave L.A. But as a South Florida resident and Miami Heat season ticket holder, I'm ecstatic to see him coming our way. I'm all torn up inside. Not really sure how to feel. But after watching 3 hours of ESPN News, viewing Shaq's interview reels over and over, I've decided to shut the damn thing off and sit at my computer to write about it. That's why you're getting this messy blog, without much of a trajectory to it.

Oh well...time to catch the news...


RRnET said...

I watch the tv to waste time. Drew's working 0430-1900ish so I have a LOT of time to waste. Don't bother checking out the blog belonging to this username its an unupdated sex blog my husband and I used to have. I'm checking out your blog because you were so sweet enough to read mine *and* comment nicely. I'm liking what I see so far, keep up the good work.

MICK said...

Thanks Holly!
I'll be checking in on yours as well.