Thursday, January 06, 2005

A New Year

When I began this blog I had clear objectives: practice my writing, dig into my memory for tales from the past to tell, and receive objective criticism. Ever since the fall of my marriage, those objectives have been forgotten.

I never meant to display my emotions in such a raw fashion, exposing my naked heart for all to see. But it was satisfying. It was enjoyable. I don't tend to speak so extensively of my personal affairs in person, so getting sympathy from fellow bloggers was a new thing, and very pleasant. It became a crutch, in fact, and encouraged me to keep spilling my guts out in a desperate (and pathetic!) attempt to squeeze out some more sympathy.

But when I went back and read what I wrote, well, it bored me to tears. I mean, who gives a shit? If you want to hear about this kind of stuff, there are plenty of soap operas to pick from. And I'm sure they make my puny little problems seem insignificant by comparison.

The main problem I have with what I've been doing is this: I don't want to make a sob story out of my life. I have too much to do to waste any more time feeling sorry for myself. I've had it!

So that's it. I don't intend to speak of my failed marriage any further. However, everything that occurred during said marriage is now fair game, so I hope to feel inspired sometime to provide you with interesting anecdotes. Hopefully this will assist me in finding some kind of closure.

Stay tuned, please. I'm not done with this blog yet. My life consists of a helluva lot more than one failed relationship.

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