Wednesday, September 01, 2004


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It's getting pretty hairy down here. No time for blogging. We're preparing to welcome our dear friend Frances.

I think some of you may already know I work in the import industry. I manage a brokerage firm which clears flowers arriving from South America and Europe and forwards them out to wholesalers throughout the country.

Well, right now all the truck routes going north of Miami are closing, which means we're going to get stuck with thousands of boxes of very perishable cargo here in Miami. It doesn't help that next Monday is Labor Day and they've already set up holiday schedules!

Anyway, I'll let you guys know what's going on as the storm approaches. I've still got to get home and re-fit my hurricane shutters. Can't leave that stuff until the last moment.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the storm! We're thinking of you up here!


Holly said...

Hope all goes well there. I know everyone not in Frances' path who reads your blog will be thinking of you. Best of luck and keep us posted if you can.

SN said...

be safe...
thoughts are there with you

C. Fish said...

I wish you luck in dealing with Frances. I see she could be a problem for a number of folk I know, including us depending on how she steers.

Vadergrrrl said...

For some reason the 80's song by Scorpions comes to my head. hee hee.

Stay safe there, we luv you!

Sarah McBroden said...

I hope you and your family stay out of harms way.

Come back safe.

Anonymous said...

So, do you have to evacuate? I hope you all are ok. Please keep us posted, when it's safe.

Amber said...

Mick, please stay safe, you and your family. And please keep us updated if and whenever you can, as we will all be very worried about you until we know everything is okay.

May this be over with as quickly as possible.