Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Just when you thought it was safe to go...

So my daughter knocks, then opens the bathroom door while I'm sitting on my throne, nose burried in "The shipping news."

She pokes her head in and says, "Daddy?"

"Mmhhmm?" I grunt.

Showing me our digital camera in her little hands, she innocently asks, "Can I take your picture?"

My reaction wouldn't earn me any 'Father of the Year' awards.

I'm gonna start locking that damn door!


Sarah McBroden said...

Ok this made me laugh.

Just think what an interesting profile pic it would make!

RP said...

Dude. I feel your pain. Mine used to come in to watch me pee and would cheer me on, clapping, "yay, Pappa! Nice pee!" At least she didn't have access to the camera. Your kid has probably put your picture up all over the web by now. She's just that smart.

Amber said...

At least she didn't bring in a friend, like my kids used to do.

Lucy: "Can I go over to Heather's house and play?"
Me: "Well, don't know, Lucy, why don't you call Heather first and check?
Lucy: "She says it's okay. Isn't it, Heather?"
Heather, poking in head as well: "Yeah, my mom says it's fine."


chuckles said...

heh... "shipping news." your daughter may have a more highly developed sense of humor than I do.

cathy said...

when my daughters were young they both walked in on their father and he freaked out each time--finally locked the door

C. Fish said...

Laughing! That is something I can relate to! Our kids don't know what the meaning of Privacy is and they never want me unless I'm sleeping, on the phone, or in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought that was only a Mom thing. I feel so much better now

- Jules