Monday, October 04, 2004

Wallets and money clips

I need a new wallet. And I want a money clip. Never had one before, but lately I've thought I'd like to.

The thing is, those are never the kind of things you buy for yourself. Are they? Somebody usually gives you those items for your Birthday, or Valentine's Day, Christmas, Father's day, etc. You drop the hints that you need such and such a thing, and poof! It appears. Nicely wrapped and with a red bow on it. I know I'm always listening for (usually very unsubtle) hints as to what my wife and daughter need or want. She wants perfume? A new purse? She's got it! The Lion King? A game called Elefun? No problem! But do I get the same consideration in return? Nooooooooo...

I can pull out what's left of my wallet, to her total disgust, and she'll say: "Mick, you need a new wallet!" And I'll just smile sheepishly and say, "Well, there you go. Father's Day is coming up." She'll smirk knowingly and whisper conspiratorially with my daughter, but when it comes down to it, forget it. It's too easy.

I thought about tying up my loose bills in a rubber band, knowing that would make her cringe. Pull out a tight little roll of bills to pay the check, oh, that would really get to her. But I'm too chicken shit, I'd be too embarrassed myself. Besides, even that wouldn't make a difference.

My wife quite unapologetically decides what kind of gifts I should get. Not the drills, ties, electric razors, or hand tools that I crave but hate to splurge on. No, she comes up with, check this out: A horseshoe set. Not just any horseshoe set mind you, an Eddie Bauer horseshoe set. Bright as the sun on a clear summer day. Has she ever seen me play horseshoes? No. Have I ever expressed any desire, however remote, to play horseshoes? No. THEN WHY GET ME HORSESHOES???? Well, it seems that she thinks I should play horseshoes. Go figure.

So, I guess I'm going to stop at the mall and buy myself a new wallet and a money clip.



C. Fish said...

L and I go shopping for Christmas together and I have to remind her that the idea isn't to buy people what you THINK they SHOULD have, but things they might actually enjoy, need or have asked for! hehe.

I'm like you I tend to listen for hints all the time. I did however finally by myself a new wallet last weekend.

My last one I got from my father in law for Christmas three years ago. Only men seem to understand a man's need for things such as this. I have a money clip, but it sits in my jewelry chest unused.

RavynnRose said...

Aww poor Mick. I try to get something that I think my husband would want or needs. I think you should start a PayPal fund "Buy Mick a Wallet" I'll donate :)

Vadergrrrl said...

mmmm money clips..
two words.

bling, bling!

Its funny the add by google on your blog is for wallets. hee hee

love ya Mick!

Sarah McBroden said...

Mac is next to impossible to buy for because He has this tendancy to buy the things He wants/needs as He wants/needs them. He doesn't believe in waiting for things.

I have also found with Mac that no matter how many hints I drop, even down to standing in front of the jewellery store and pointing to the piece I wanted and saying I want that for Christmas, He will buy me exactly what He wants to buy me. So far, He has managed to out do any expectations I have had. Needless to say, I havn't been given any sort of sporting goods!

Curator said...

I have sported a money clip for years actually. A few bux (more than I would like of course), ID, and CC's.

Life is so much simpler that way, especially after losing a wallet once; it's amazing how much can slip away when that happens.

Kymmie said...

That is what the Customer Service counter and receipts are for. Return it and get what you want. I have returned so much crap that my family has finally caved into actually getting me what I want so I don't make it public that I "might have returned a few things I didn't want for my birthday this year ... but unfortunately, I am not sure who gave them to me, so maybe no one will notice in the future when I don't wear/use them". They actually just get me gift certificates to my favorite places now.

Amber said...

I wouldn't mind having a horseshoe set, Mick. Eddie Bauer ones, no less. You can send it to me! :-)

No, I don't play horseshoes either; I just like the idea of it. ;-)

Amber said...

I wouldn't mind having a horseshoe set, Mick. Eddie Bauer ones, no less. You can send it to me! :-)

No, I don't play horseshoes either; I just like the idea of it. ;-)