Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blogger's lot

A poem

Today I have no tale to tell
no clever words to post
my beach is void of conch and shell
my brain’s a blackened toast

Forego the hits then, you might say
and leave the net to us
we merry crew who write and play
and every thought discuss

But alas, I cannot let my blog
mold, forgotten by my peers
I’ve toiled too hard, worked like a dog
to gain readers through the years

It’s a sad affair, the blogger’s lot:
must deliver or demise
and in frequent bursts of wit and plot
write that others might surmise

I will chance today, with nothing to say
and I’ll leave thee with my past
to both browse and view (in a bloggy way!)
all the posts I have amassed.


Anonymous said...

That was very clever, Mick!


MICK said...

Thanks Random!

C. Fish said...

That was great! heh.

SN said...

great one...
really cute.

Sarah McBroden said...


Everyone is a better poet than I am, damn it!

This was cute. Well done!

Vadergrrrl said...

For having nothing to say, that was sure beautiful.

You have skills!


Amber said...

Oh, I enjoyed this, Mick! It made me laugh out loud which felt so *good*!

laughs with Sarah

Sarah, I liked your poem, remember? I think it was just misunderstood..

As all great artists are, right? ;-)

Helen said...

Oh yeah-I loved that, and wish I could steal it.

MICK said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Sarah, everything you write is poetry girl, believe it!

And Helen, you're more than welcome to it!