Friday, August 20, 2004

Items atop my office desk

A calendar - one of those 'at-a-glance' calendars that you flip over a day at a time

Three picture frames - one that says 'Daddy's girl' of my daughter in her T-Ball outfit, one of my wife in the woods on our honeymoon, and one of my daughter at the beach which says 'BABY' and has a photo album behind it - in it I keep a chronological set of pictures of her going back to her birth. Proud Daddy!

A 17" computer monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and mousepad.

Five paper pads - a regular post-it pad, a 6'x4' lined post-it pad, a stubby square pad of non-stick paper, and a letter size yellow pad where I keep my notes. The fifth one is a promotional paper pad from some staffing agency that came to see me last week.

A letter holder, where I keep my unanswered correspondence.

A Miniature beach chair where I rest my cell phone.

My PDA and docking station, and beside it my PDA leather case.

A stack of business cards waiting to get organized and filed away.

A large wooden case where I keep my personal business cards, and a small display holder where I place them for popular consumption.

A pencil holder where I keep a couple of cheap pens (the ones I don't mind if anyone steals), a staple remover, a highlighter, a sharpie, and a pair of scissors.

A large printing calculator.

A small desktop old-world globe (about the size of a baby's head) with fountain pen holders which have never been used - I keep it around because it looks good.

A stapler, a paperweight, and a correction tape.

An 8" tabletop fan (this is Miami!).

A rolodex.

A can of lysol (the bathroom's just down the hall).

A paper clip container, jammed full with jumbo size clips.

An office phone with 29 buttons, plus the dial pad.

A two-level wooden inbox, of which I've never seen the bottom.

The current copy of World Trade magazine - not my prefered reading, but it's appropriate.

A faux-marble coaster with an ever-present can of Diet Coke over it (I don't drink coffee).

Assorted papers scattered about.

A small bottle of clear coat finishing automotive paint - not sure why it's still here, I've just been too lazy to take it home.

A broken down Nextel phone waiting to be repaired, and a busted watch wristband waiting to be replaced.

And that pretty much sums it up. It's unbelievable what a bunch of crap I manage to fit on here.

I don't even want to tell you what I've got in my drawers (my desk drawers, that is)!

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