Thursday, August 05, 2004

Have you ever had a day when everything seems to go wrong?

That's today. And everytime I think nothing else can happen, something else goes to shit. This is all work related, mind you. The personal stuff is already screwed up enough.

Right here and now, this is what I want out of life:

  • A raise or a new job
  • One single, small and unassuming, winning ticket to the Florida Lotto
  • My wife to find (and keep!) a job
  • My daughter to be old enough that she may be allowed into the public school system
  • The Dolphins to reach the Superbowl
  • My car to stop making noises like it's about ready to fall apart (with nearly 2 years left to pay on it)
  • More time off to spend with my family
  • A new shed for the backyard
  • Good health and long lives for my parents
  • An Ipod and a laptop
  • My old house not to have any major problems for at least six months
  • An endless supply of fine scotch and good wine
  • An ocassional steak dinner
  • My only remaining dog (I lost the other two to terminal illnesses in the last year and a half) to stop having seizures and allow his medicine to do miracles
  • A new diamond ring for my wife
  • Inspiration for my stagnant songwriting
  • Some outlet through which to release all this stress
  • The strength and stamina I had when I was 19, as well as the waist size
  • An ice cold beer, a fat cigar, a good book, and twenty uninterrupted minutes of peace and quiet to enjoy them while I float around aimlessly in my pool

There, that should do it. For now.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother.

But you'd settle for a really good night's sleep, right?

By the way, thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog today.


SN said...

well, i can help with the first thing...
but it would screw up the rest of them.

RP - if you know how to get a good nights sleep -please stop by and clue me in.

C. Fish said...

I had to smile at this.. reminds me of what a Dear Santa letter might look like from an adult :).

I really enjoy reading your blog. Hope you don't mind I've added you to my list of favourite blogs.

MICK said...

Thanks Fish!
It's a pleasure to be included. I visited and liked your blog as well.

And you're right, I guess it is like a letter to Santa.