Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Did I remember to tell you...?

Would I, that the stars were out tonight and gazing down upon you; they would be as moved by your beauty as I am. And would I that we had a private space to dine in, a candlelight dinner for two...one that you didn't have to cook yourself, and where you didn't get a reproachful and stern look from me for ordering too many margaritas before the entrees arrived.

I would, if I could, shower you with a million things: furs, and shoes, and multi-carat diamond rings; I would stuff your purse with credit cards, and buy you a brand new car; I would fly you off to Europe at the drop of a hat, and smother you with lavish presents along the way; I would sail the seas, fly the skies, climb the mountains if you asked, and yes, yes, I would lasso the moon for you as well.

But our daily lives leave little room for such adventures, and our responsibilities won't allow us to splurge carelessly.

It's easy to forget what brought us together once, now that we're so changed. But we musn't forget, not even for an instant, what's kept us together. The road has been long and we've grown comfortable, and in that comfort we've forgotten to coddle each other, and tend to our more selfish and personal urges. The need to appease basic necessities will do that.

Still, rest assured that I'm up for the challenge. Whatever dragon needs slaying, whatever nightmare haunts you, whatever wall stands before you, I will willingly confront. And be sure, without a second's hesitation, that I will give up my last breath in the endeavor.

Did I remember to tell you today that I adore you?


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity...does anyone know what book I got that final line from?

MICK said...

Sorry, that was me. Didn't realize it was coming out as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Don't know the book, sorry.

Sounds like you guys need to try to take a regular date night out. My wife and I do that and it's very helpful in reminding us why we are where we are.


Sarah McBroden said...

Don't know the book either but, this was beautiful. It made me cry.


I love the song too.

sinsulita said...

Very sweet. Lucky woman to have you feel that way for her...

Amber said...

Dan said it in his book! But I have a feeling that's not the book you're talking about... ;-)

This was such a lovely thing to write about your wife, Mick. :-) Thank you for sharing.

MICK said...

Amber, *laughs* no, that's not the book I was refering to.

The quote is a recurring line from the Sinclair Lewis classic "Dodsworth."

It's a classic, but I'm well aware that it's not very popular. I just had to give him credit for the line.