Monday, August 02, 2004


Feeling a little down and dramatic...bear with me, please

It's been too long since I watched the sunrise.

For so many years now, I have missed the daily absence of light receding to cascading rays of sunshine, shuffling quickly over the vast horizon in its path. So fast as to be imperceptible if one was to turn away, or blink at the wrong time.

When the flaccid ocean gives birth to the bulging sun, and crowns its child in all its splendor. Oh, what a moment to enjoy!

It's been too long, much too long.

And where have those sunrises gone, I ask, that I shall never have witnessed? Behind me now, like the people I've abandoned. Forgotten and ignored, replaced by shiny new ones.

I somehow remain equivocally convinced, however subconsciously, that every sunset brings along a fresh sunrise. Yet, I'm slowly becoming aware of that final twilight that looms in the horizon - once so distant, now so much closer.

Mortality is far too complex for such a shallow soul to comprehend. I've wasted my youth on life and my adulthood on survival. In what way shall I waste my old age?

Truly it's time to watch the sunrise again. To make every day a new beginning, a new opportunity.

Only after a full life will I await the final sunset with ease.


Anonymous said...

Now if you were younger, you'd have been able to watch it with a beer and a handful of chocolate chip cookies.


SN said...

down and dramatic = beautiful