Tuesday, August 10, 2004

In the pool

Yesterday the clouds cleared and we saw the sun. Finally, after viewing dark, thundering skies daily for the last few weeks. Summer shouldn't be like that.

When I came home from work I was greeted by a "ready-to-go-job-hunting" wife, and an attention starved daughter. With a touch of blue hitting the early evening horizon, my daughter was obstinately demanding a swim in the pool.

I was wary at first, thinking the water would most likely be cold. But after stepping in to my knees and finding it agreeable, I acquiesced, and we ran to get our suits on.

We splashed around for a couple of hours. I poured myself a drink, played Eva Cassidy over the outdoor speakers, and let my little mermaid have her way with me. There was not a second when she wasn't smiling.

At one given moment I retreated from myself, and calmly observed the scene from outside. The pool, the music, and my daughter. As much as I whine about my life, and I feel so overwrought with debt, responsibilities, and work that I can't sleep...isn't my life wonderful? I mean, in the ideal scenario, would I ever hope for more than to be able to play with my daughter after work to my heart's content, wading and swimming around in my own pool, and my own house? Is there really more to it?

We got out as darkness approached, and dried off before entering the house. After we showered and had some supper, we snuggled up on my chair to read a story. She brushed her teeth and I tucked her in. Then with the sweetest mix of "squishes & kisses" you can imagine, she bid me goodnight.

Afterwards, alone, I'm left to ponder if my worries need be worries after all.


Anonymous said...

Nope, no need for worries. Not when you can witness the growth of a child every day.

C. Fish said...

Wonderful post. Put a huge smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're pretty focused on what's important. Just try to remember that stuff (as I make note to self) when she wakes you at 1 and then at 2 and then at 3 a.m.