Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm dyin' over here

Don't unreasonable clients drive you crazy?

I've got this one client who blames everything that goes wrong with the world on us. She is convinced that we are somehow responsible for every agency, airline, terminal, government official, trucking company and natural disaster that has any form of contact with her cargo at any given time. It drives me nuts!

We control her freight once it's here. Other than that, we've got nothing to do with it! But if for some reason, her agent in South America neglected to advise her that the shipment was delayed, or the airline it was flying on carelessly bumped her boxes off the booked flight, she expects that we (not the South American agency, and not the airline) inform her that there will be a delay. Give me a damn break!

When there's a hurricane approaching, she expects us to keep her informed of its progress. Not the National Hurricane Center, no, that would be too simple, we've got to keep her informed.

Why, why, why? Why is it we have to let people like her call the shots? I hate the fact that we're so dependent on her business that we have to bend all our rules and adjust all our practices. AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It just drives me nuts!!!

I need a beer, but I'm on a diet. I need a smoke, but I quit six years ago. I'll settle for a hug and a kiss from my favorite little girl!

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