Saturday, November 13, 2004

Traffic ticket

Life is hard enough without these bastards lurking in the shadows.

I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for law enforcement. Theirs is a thankless job that requires them to put their lives at risk daily, just to keep law and order.

But those motor cops that sneak around barricades, hiding with a radar gun in their hands at carefully chosen spots where poor inadvertent drivers unwittingly exceed the speed limit - because it's always in a stretch where the posted speed limit is far below what it need be -I say OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

While I'm driving, daily, I hold in my road rage and fight hard to keep myself from going postal on other drivers. These are the people who completely ignore yield and stop signs, right of way, left and right turn only lanes, double yellow lines, slow-traffic-keep-right PLEASE!, and are an endless source of frustration and aggravation. They cut into lines, delay the people who are patiently waiting their turn to cross, and often force others into collisions. Those assholes never get stopped! I deal with them every day!

But no, you have to set up shop in a deserted highway, non-residential, where nobody is any worse for it, and trap poor saps like me on their way to work on a Saturday morning. Damn you! A $355 ticket. Here I am wondering how I'm going to pay for daycare, and you have to justify your measly existence by trying to destroy my life???

I can't repeat here the insults I kept mumbling under my breath while he wrote out my ticket, or the ones that I hollered at the top of my voice as I drove away with my windows closed. This is a family blog, after all. But be clear on this, I think you are the scum of the earth, hiding behind the guise of official business, and I wish for nothing but misery to befall you and your family for generations to come!

I'll fight it, of course. I'll take a day off work and go argue in court. And I hope that blood sucking piece of shit is there to testify against me. I may get stuck with a hefty fine, but I'm going to tell that sonofabitch what I think of him.


I feel better already.

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